Emerald Music School is now offering exciting singing workshop days in schools. Large groups can be taken at once (up to 120 children at one time or more with further staff) and the children will learn how much fun it can be to sing in a big choir in harmony. The workshop days are designed for KS2, but can be adapted to include KS1 when required.

The workshops are great fun and encourage the children to participate fully and with confidence. The children will hardly realise how far they are being stretched and before they know it they will be singing in many parts and with much enthusiasm. The day concludes with a short performance to the parents or other students at the school. The teachers and parents are usually amazed at what can be achieved in such a short time and the adults are encouraged to join in too so it creates a community sing-a-long which creates a lasting impact.

More workshop leaders can be booked in order to have more groups running simultaneously. The only requirements are a big space to bring the groups and an audience together (some schools use the local church when their hall space is limited) and use of a piano or powerful keyboard.
Use of a photocopier may also be needed.

Throughout the day a variety of themes can be covered depending on the school’s requirements. Here are some suggestions:

  • ‘Songs from around the world’ including rounds and part songs
  • ‘African music’ including part songs, movement and percussion
  • ‘Singing in harmony’ gradually building up the layers and including improvisation

EXAMPLE DAY: Based on a primary school with 30 children in each year with one workshop leader and class teachers present.

(In the hall and using the piano)

09.15 Years 3-6
10.00 Break
10.30 Years 3-4
11.15 Years 5-6
12.00 Lunch
13.15 Years 3-6
14.30 Break
15.00 Performance to parents

If you would like to book a workshop, have any queries or want to discuss any ideas, please contact Clare Caddick at or 07973 114 218.

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