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On Sunday 8th September 2013, the Osiris Ensemble celebrated its 25th anniversary with a well attended reunion concert at St Mark’s Church, Purley. Music was rehearsed over two days and the choir’s favourite music was drawn from the archives to create a varied, exciting programme ranging from Bruckner Motets, Lacrymosa  from Mozart’s Requiem, Vivaldi’s Gloria to Somewhere over the rainbow, West Side Story, Fix you by Cold Play and Lady Gaga. Many past Osiris members returned to sing and join forces with the current members to form a large, powerful choir. Most ex-members who returned still sing in choirs or as soloists and many are professional musicians. 


Some hadn’t sung properly since leaving the choirs as teenagers and enjoyed the feeling of singing with the choir again. Many of the audience and even some of the choir were moved to tears at parts of the concert, especially the opening anthem written by Robert Stewart who helped to start the choir in 1988 which was conducted by the first director of Osiris, Richard Abrahams. The rest of the concert was conducted by Clare Caddick who has directed the choir since 1994.

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